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Dietcalc  - Tracks All Popular Diet Plans
   All Foods YOU eat can be tracked with this meal management system.

* A pocket sized stylish & rugged case that can be easily carried in your purse or pocket
* New easy to read display screen (no sticks or pointers required)
* Over 2000 popular food and restaurant items pre-programmed in the memory
* More space to add your own favorite foods and meal packages to the food list
* Delete food items not used or modify any new food item
* Set daily nutritional goals for 9 of the most important nutrients in your diet
* Quick FIND button to look up the amount of nutrition in any food item
* Saves, tracks and recalls your daily nutritional intake over the last 90 days
* Add or edit foods you may have forgotten to enter over the last 90 days
* Saves, tracks and recalls your weight and BMI over the last 90 days
* Automatically alerts you if the food item displayed exceed goals established
* Can also be used as a normal calculator when shopping
* Many more new and exciting features ...!

Dietcalc - instantly lookup, store, track and recall nutritional intake:

* calories
* total fat
* saturated fat
* cholesterol
* sodium
* carbs (total carbohydrates)
* sugar
* fiber
* protein

Dietcalc Pro - Some Popular Uses

               weight loss | weight gain | sports nutrition | pregnancy
               diabetes | hypoglycemia | heart disease | hypertension


If you have experienced any change in your body weight because of diet or even due to chronic or disabling diseases,
Dietcalc can help!  Dietcalc is an excellent dietary support tool that helps you understand, monitor and manage your nutritional intake. For more information please review the following popular Dietcalc uses briefly described below: 

Weight Loss
Weight loss can be achieved by following a healthy diet plan that manages your nutrient intake. With Dietcalc you set your nutrient goals to match the diet plan of your choice and you are now able to select food items and adjust the portion size to match the diet plan.

Dietcalc displays and tracks 9 of the most import nutrients in diet, plus weight and BMI and immediately alerts you if any food item selected exceeds your goal. Daily information saved can be recalled and compared to see if further adjustments to the goals are needed. Dietcalc provides the right information needed to make smart eating decisions and helps manage your weight loss diet. Dietcalc is an important weight loss tool needed to provide instant food nutrition information, tracking and motivation from its measurable data. 

Weight Gain
Weight gain can be achieved by following a healthy diet plan that increases the amount of key nutrients consumed. Dietcalc allows you to easily enter all nutrient goals you need to establish for your weight gain diet plan and then provides you with the information and tracking needed to follow the plan. Dietcalc instantly provides the right nutritional information needed follow any diet plan and achieve your diet goal.

Sports Nutrition
To be successful and compete in athletic sports your body needs more energy. Dietcalc now helps you quickly select the right foods that increase calories, protein and carbohydrates when higher energy levels are require too compete. Plan for success and win with Dietcalc.

Pregnancy and Nutrition

A good diet during pregnancy is essential for the mother and her new unborn infant during this high nutrient use period. Having the proper building blocks (nutrients) provides the best chance for the healthy development of your baby and also improves the mother's health and well being. Dietcalc provides helpful diet information needed to bring a new healthy life into this world.

If you have diabetes you know that the amount of carbohydrates and sugar you consume will have a direct effect on your blood sugar level. With Dietcalc you can quickly lookup the amount of carbs and refined sugar in the foods you wish to eat, before it is eaten and then make the smart eating choices needed to control and monitor your diabetes.

If you suffer from Hypoglycemia, Dietcalc can also help you understand the amount of carbs and refined sugars in the food so you can more effectively manage your low blood sugar level and alleviate the symptoms of hypoglycemia.

Heart Disease
If you have already had any type of heart disease you should already know that saturated fat, sodium and other nutrients that you consume in your diet may have some influence and related effect to this disease or its reoccurrence. Dietcalc provides you with excellent nutritional information that helps you make smart choices needed to manage your heart disease.

Hypertension, Stress and High Blood Pressure are serious issues that do not always have obvious symptoms. A proper healthy diet plan tailored to your specific needs often improves the condition and using Dietcalc to follow this plan is the best choice.

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