DIETCALC - Our newest Diet Plan Organizer (Dietcalc Professional) with expanded memory and more functions to set, track and monitor daily nutritional goals, weight and BMI.

Dietcalc comes with over 2,000 common food items and popular fast restaurant foods stored in its permanent database. Nutritional food information can now be easily looked up and displayed and more new foods can be added.

All 9 nutrient goals set are now automatically compared against the food item displayed and Dietcalc will flash to alert you if any food item in the portion size entered, exceeds your own personal established daily nutritional goal.

Dietcalc records and tracks daily food nutrition, weight and calculates BMI. This measurable data can be recalled at anytime and used to adjust your diet to achieve the desired result.
Dietcalc Pro is the new top-of-the line diet plan organizer that tracks nine (9) of the most important nutrients in diet. Dietcalc provides clear understandable nutrient data needed to make smart eating decision and is a great motivation tool that is 100% compatible with all popular diet plans.

Dietcalc now comes with over 2,000 common and popular fast food restaurant items stored in its food database. Additionally, you are now able to add your own favorite food items into the database and also edit or delete them at any time.

Dietcalc's "FIND" button allows you quickly lookup any food item, adjust the portion size and see real measurable nutrient data that is instantly compared to the 9 nutrient goals established:
Calories, Carbs, Total Fat, Saturated Fat, Sugar, Sodium, Protein, Cholesterol and Fiber.

Dietcalc can save the displayed nutritional data of all the foods eaten into its 90 day revolving memory, so that this real measurable data is available to be recalled and compared to the daily nutrient goals, weight and BMI. With this recorded information it is easy see if the diet is producing the desired result or if the nutrient goals should be adjusted. 

Dietcalc's new "BMI" key allows the user to record and track their daily weight in pounds or kilos and calculates BMI. With this new function you only need to enter your weight once a day and Dietcalc will automatically calculate (BMI). This function key also allows you to scroll back 90 days (one day at a time) to review or edit weight and BMI.

Dietcalc Pro is known for its
ease-of-use with all function keys clearly marked. Many users have stated that they never looked at the operating manual and are already entering their goals and following the diet plan of their choice in only 5 - 10 minutes.

For more detailed information you can contact us directly at or your nearest Dietcalc dealer.

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